Sunday, April 1, 2012


Remember in that last post about a month ago when I talked about that big empty space under the mirror where the couch used to be? Well, we've been struggling with what to do about it. Then, about a week or two ago, Dave spotted an old piece of miscellaneous furniture something at this consignment/resale store in our neighborhood on his way home from the gym. Today we finally went back to a) make sure it was still there (it was), and b) to see if I liked it. I wasn't sure right away if I saw the same potential in it that Dave did, but I trust him, and I thought we could definitely figure out a way to make it work. There was enough about it that fit the basic gist of what we needed (length, height, width, storage...). It needs some sprucing up, but it definitely has some character, and we're excited to finally take on a new project and see what we do with it!

It'll soon be getting a new coat of paint (something in a dark wine-red type color, we're thinking...), and some new hardware at the very least. We'll see if anything else gets "refreshed" about it as we go. But here it is in "context" in the space:

We'll also be getting taller bookshelves to help fill the space up better around the mirror.

What do you think? Now that it's home I can see more of the potential Dave saw right away. Get ready for an update post in the next week or two!