Saturday, February 26, 2011

Painting - Hallways and Dining Room Accent Wall

I knew we'd finally start talking about something besides the kitchen! This weekend we're painting the front hall, the hallway through to the Master Suite, and the other side of the new wall between the dining room and the kitchen. Before we get started, I just wanted to give some perspective...

You may recall that upon move-in, our front hall was wallpapered like this: 

And then we peeled it off to reveal this:

So that was Before... this is Middle:

And soon we'll be able to show you After!

Originally we were going to paint all of the living room and dining area one (same) color, but we've changed our minds and are painting the dining room side of the new kitchen wall the same color as the halls. The idea is that this will create an accent wall, as well as connect the three physically connected areas (halls, kitchen, dining/living rooms). The three colors we've chosen for these spaces all tie together, so hopefully this will also help to blend the spaces more seamlessly (we hope!)... Now, on to priming away that minty green wall!

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