Friday, May 20, 2011

20th Project - May

It's been a while since we've had something to post. Between traveling and just needing a break from working on the place, we haven't had much to report. But we will soon, we promise!

In the meantime, it's already the 20th of May. Nine months in our home. We've had some strange non-spring spring weather this year in Chicago, including lots of chills and storms. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day in the morning. It warmed up and the sun was shining strongly by the afternoon. And then by the time we were coming home from work, the fog had rolled in and the temp had dropped. You could barely see the car in front of you on the Drive. And you definitely could not see the lake, even from our beach-side windows... which would have made for interesting photos this morning! But that's not the case. The fog has lifted and left a dreamy haze...

So here is our beautiful view on this, our ninth 20th in our Home Sweet Schwab:

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