Saturday, June 4, 2011

Edgewater: Yellow

Inspired by this blog (specifically, this project), and because we're not really doing any big renovations right now (don't worry, more to come...), I've decided to attempt a little photography project. I'm calling it my Edgewater Color Series. Many people know that many (most) Chicago neighborhoods are predominantly settled by one ethnic group. Occasionally there are two or three dominant populations. The Ukrainian Village, China Town, Argyle (Vietnamese), Devon (Indian), Rogers Park (Jewish), Jefferson Park (Polish)--these are just a few examples. Chicago's also home to the third largest Mexican population outside of Mexico City, and there are several Mexican communities throughout Chicago's neighborhoods. There are also areas historically settled by Greek populations, Italian populations, Irish populations, Germans, Ethiopians, Swedes, and the list goes on. It's natural that immigrants from one place in the world or another would be comfortable living around others from their home countries, and this is one of the aspects of living here that demonstrates the richness of culture that makes Chicago what it is.

Edgewater is a little different. It's not one population's or another's. It's a medley. A mixed bag. There are several groups of ethnicities in the neighborhood -- Eastern Europeans, Africans, Jews, Mexicans, Indians, Pakistanis, Americans, and others. It's something neither Dave nor I thought about when we decided to move here, but we both noticed it separately, and agreed how much we like it. I love walking around our neighborhood. It's beautiful. It's urban, it's green, it's the water, it's traffic. I've thought about this Color Project idea for quite some time, as a way to notice more about this place that is and will be our home for some time.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. And when I got home from work, I just had to get back outside. Lanie needed a walk, and I decided that I'd take my camera. As we started walking, I thought about my idea, and decided it was as good a day as any to start, and see what I found. In honor of the beautiful sunshine, I started with yellow. I found A LOT. And the other colors I saw around really inspired me to keep trying this and see what comes of it. Maybe another little gallery wall? There are a lot of photos, so feel free to scroll. And without further ado, here is Edgewater Color Project Yellow...

(all photos my own)

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