Thursday, June 23, 2011

Living in Limbo

As you already know, we had some damage to our floors thanks to a leaking hose, and that they had to be professionally dried out prior to the insurance being able to determine our next steps (while this was happening, we lived at the Marriott downtown). Well, today was the "next step" in the long list of next steps.

I am working from home today and was therefore able to meet our insurance adjuster and the flooring restoration folks who will help fix our mess. They came and took lots of photos and scribbled a billion notes and then gave me some papers to sign and we're on our way to recovery. I first want to say that both our insurance guy and the folks from Universal Restoration Services were incredibly kind, helpful, and utterly reassuring. While I am/we are still totally overwhelmed by everything going on, I genuinely feel a bit more hopeful after today's appointment. We'll know, likely within the next week, what the timeline for the project will be. We will cover our deductible and that's about it. Which is a huge relief. (That last sentence is a huge understatement.) They will need to replace *all* of the flooring - not just the damaged portions. And actually, we can change our mind on color/type/etc., if we want, and if it's within the priced-out retail cost they get for the replacement of what we had. So... what do you think? Should we go with the same? or make a change? When it all starts, they'll move our furniture and cover all our cabinets, shelves, walls, etc. so nothing gets dirty from the dust and work. If we need to, our insurance will send us back to a hotel while it's all going on. Suddenly, everything feels like it'll be fixed. It's still depressing and upsetting, but I think I can see just the hint of a glimmer of the light at the end of this long tunnel. It'll still probably be at least a month before it's all over and done with, but we're on our way. More updates when we know what happens next. This is why you pay for insurance!

In the meantime, here's our temporary state of affairs:

(storage room)
(suitcases - just unpacked, ready to be packed again if necessary)


Adoodles said...

What other floor color options would you consider?

Maayan said...

I guess we'd be open to anything that looked good. Thinking this or lighter - not darker (even though I like dark floors... not for this place, I don't think.)

Adoodles said...

lighter could be nice - the only thing i'd watch out for is how much light it might reflect from that big window - don't want to blind anyone :)