Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Year Recap Update

I fully intended on providing more details/recaps on Monday night, and throughout this week, but the week kind of got away from me/us. And now we're getting ready to head out of town for a wedding weekend extravaganza in Vegas (!) and won't be back home until Sunday. SO. Now I fully intend on providing those aforementioned details/recaps on Sunday and Monday. In fact, I'll hold myself to that: I promise I'll post our first year recaps and our next plans on Sunday and Monday!

In the mean time, off we go to HOT HOT SUNNY LAS VEGAS (a first for me, and adding another state on my visited state list = bonus!), where the weather for the weekend looks like this:

(aren't you curious about those "On The Go Breakfast Recipes" from the Weather Channel??)
We'll be back in a few days exhausted, I'm sure, and sporting even better tans to kick-off the fall! And then we'll jump-start the next phase/year of this crazy Home Sweet Schwab adventure!

Congratulations to Kelly & Jeff!

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