Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paint Selection: A Process

We are in a saving-for-the-next-big-demo phase here (both bathrooms need re-doing), so all the updates/fixes/tweaks we have planned for the foreseeable future are smaller-scale. This includes (at least): changing light fixtures, stripping remaining wallpaper, scrubbing off wallpaper glue from walls, putting up art, maybe some furniture upgrades, curtains, and painting.

I don't remember paint selection for the three areas already painted (hallway, kitchen, living/dining room) being so stressful. But maybe I've just put it all out of my head because of the intensity of the trauma. Somehow I doubt that. But we can't settle on a color! We can't even come close to narrowing down a color group! Some people know that we've said we're painting the bedrooms several weekends in a row now, and yet somehow, neither bedroom is even taped off or primed at all. That changes this week! We are set and determined to paint at least the multipurpose second bedroom this coming weekend. SET AND DETERMINED! HELL-BENT! It's happening. As you can see, all that has to be done is the selection of a paint color. Here are the paint color chips we've "narrowed" to (for both bedrooms)... Note, we'd like to have the paint purchased before the weekend so we can just get started and finish as quickly as possible... we'll see how that goes:

(easy to narrow, as you can see)
Here are four general color ranges grouped off:

AAAAAH! Remember: SET AND DETERMINED! HELL-BENT! It's happening.

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Amy S said...

Do you have bedding or anything that you can refer to to help narrow down? I am terrible at picking out colors so I usually find something in the room that I really like and use that to help.