Monday, October 31, 2011

Second Bedroom: Paint

Once again, I must first apologize for the delayed posting. We had us some Internet connectivity troubles (among other small fires--ha!), and as a result, were unable to get to this post until now. These issues appear to be resolved for now, so without further ado, I present to you the Second Bedroom Painting Process/Outcome:

We started out on a Friday night with prepping and priming. We had to bring a bunch of supplies up from our storage locker, move all the furniture, and tape off/tarp the room...

(gallery o' gifts brushes -- if you ever lived at 7 Red Fox Lane in Amherst, MA, that one was for you)

We also decided to prime and paint the baseboards... We had once considered replacing these, to match the new ones in the living/dining room and halls, but with the carpet installation happening out of order thanks to the floor situation over the summer, we just decided this would be easier for now.

On the morning of Day 2 (aka Saturday, aka-College-Football-dictates-painting-schedule-day), we got up bright and early and got to work. For Dave this meant checking the prime-job and adjusting any tape, etc. For me, this meant a first-thing-in-the-morning-trip to our favorite paint store.

This morning also brought to us the discovery of another curiosity left-over from the previous owner. Instead of painting the wooden frame around the sliding doors, our home's former tenant covered them... with duct tape. A lesson for those who like to decorate with duct tape: old duct tape leaves residue behind. Dealing with this requires sanding. Dave also had to sand the wooden door frame:

When I returned from the paint store we got to work on coat #1. Hard to see it, but it's there:

After the Michigan game, we finished coat #2, and then let it dry overnight. Here you have a shot of the finished product, complete with freshly-painted wooden door frame and freshly-hung curtains:

A second outcome of this project was the removal of the ugly old enormous ceiling fan (you can see a shot of it in this round-up post, in the photos of the new carpets), which also turned out to be somewhat of a danger, as it appears to have only been attached to the ceiling by those two tiny stud-screws you can see in the photo below. The search for new lighting starts... now!

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