Monday, December 6, 2010

A Beautiful Kitchen

As I alluded to in my previous post, Lanie at two pounds of brown sugar (and some of the plastic bag it came in) this past Saturday. As a result, she spent several hours between the afternoon and late night at the pet ER, and Dave and I spent that same time frame distracting ourselves with busy work at home.

First, we put the doors on the cabinets:
(It's like a new kitchen!)
and knobs on the drawers:
(I know... after all that deliberating, I went with standard brushed silver knobs. I thought they'd look good with the appliances)
You'll notice in that first shot that we also added a new base cabinet in the space beside the oven. Originally we were planning on getting a rolling cart with a butcher block on top to slide under there, but ultimately we thought this was a good option for a couple of reasons. One: we lost three-ish cabinets in the demolition; Two: it provides great supplemental support for the counter top. So while it clearly has a different face than the other cabinets, when it's painted to match, we think it'll look great and help us out space-wise. Thoughts?

(don't worry, I have extra knobs)
AND THEN... we lined and filled the pantry:

(it will soon be better organized, but it's so great to just have everything put away!)
So all that's really left is painting the walls. We have a few minor touch-ups on the cabinets, and of course the new cabinet will get a fresh coat, but after that, we're done... until the next big project... FLOORS.

For now, though, we're so satisfied with our beautiful and functioning kitchen - that we did ourselves! Tonight we ate a delicious dinner of wild rice with yellow curry, chicken, peas and carrots, and my family's yum-tastic spinach croquettes (which turned out great, Mom), and I have a banana bread in the oven as I type this. It feels good.

P.S., I have to give a shout-out to my dear friend Erin who's finally revived her side-business and blog, Hugs & Cookies. These cookies are outstanding and beautiful and come highly recommended, trust me. And I'm excited to have her updates again, so please don't hesitate to order them (they travel well.)!


Eric said...

You two are amazing - it looks fantastic!

Erin514 said...

It's beautiful! I think the new cabinet will look perfect....and thanks for the shout out!


Amy said...

I agree - it looks great! I think the additional cabinet will be fine with paint too. We had to do the same thing and it worked out well!