Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Home Updates... So I Browse for Inspiration

The daunting kitchen makeover has taken a lot out of us in recent weeks. This past weekend, having completed the cabinets and pantry, we just agreed to do... nothing! The weather cooperated with this plan, inspiring hours spent under blankets staying warm and watching movies and sports (Go Pats!). And this coming Friday evening, we leave for Israel (!) for a much anticipated, much needed visit with my mom's family. Hooray! We will come back revived and refreshed to take on this house project once again! In the meantime, I have been browsing around for some design inspiration...

I'm really into birds lately (Mom, get out of my head!), and found some neat ideas that could lead to something:

Check out these bird silhouettes (thanks, Design*Sponge):

(for the full DIY, including some traceable images (not just birds!), click here)

And we really need to commit to organizing a little better (we are constantly struggling with the fact that our dining room table becomes our catch-all)... I like this (from Urban Outfitters), maybe on the wall above a side/console table:

We've also talked about how we'll develop our dining area. We've been hunting for a nice, big side board or buffet... one that could hold serving pieces and wine glasses, and maybe display wine bottles. And maybe over it, on the wall, we could have some neat artwork. I found this on Etsy:

Maybe we'll find some cool pieces on our trip... For now, I'll just keep browsing and imagining. And when we return, revived and ready to tackle our Home Sweet Schwab, I'll have some better updates to share.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays! Love, Us.

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