Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dining in Style...

I worked from home today to accept the delivery of our new dining room furniture! And Dave came home to put it all together in time for us to have dinner ON it! Hooray! Everything came from World Market, and I have to give credit to the delivery service they use -- totally worth it. It's a separate company that they use exclusively. They charge a fee, but it's completely reasonable, and the service is outstanding. I highly recommend both WM and their delivery chaps. Now... for the furniture:

(construction destruction)
(attaching legs)
(upright table and bench)
(big picture))
Not to mention those beautiful floors!

Our house is becoming a home...


Kate said...

So, when you're done making your house amazing, you're going to come to Philly to fix mine, right?I cannot get over how awesome everything looks!! xox

Adoodles said...

tables and benches and chairs, oh my!