Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The floors are finished! And they look fantastic! We finally bid adieu to our contractor (thank goodness, but again, no need to get into the details) Monday, after he came back to complete his incomplete job. Among other minor issues, the main finishing touch was the installation of a "shoe" to the baseboards. A "shoe" is the little bump-like lip adjoining the baseboard to the floor, effectively covering any gaps between these pieces resulting from inconsistencies in slope, etc. We did not know about any "shoe" when we purchased our flooring, so The World's Greatest Contractor had to come back to add it in. He wasn't the easiest to deal with throughout this project, but in the end, it really made a difference to have him return. This is a shoe:

So the only thing left to do is paint the baseboards so that the nail holes are covered and all is clean and bright and shiny and new! Hooray!

Full flooring impact in next post on... OUR NEW DINING FURNITURE!

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