Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simple Bargain

Bargain Hunter is my middle name! Well, it's not. But with genes like the ones in my family, I was destined to uncover the most hidden of good deals. I have had this nagging desire to fill the space by the window part of the sliding glass door in the living room with something. I have also thought that we could stick something on either side of the television, but haven't found that something yet, either. So my eyes are basically always peeled, and I have been searching for a bench, or the perfect ottoman, but haven't found quite what I thought would work there. Yesterday, on a wandering-about trip to Le Target, I found something that I thought could work (even if just temporarily). And it was on a clearance shelf, so I had to check it out. Two stack-able wooden stools. A dark stain, similar to that of the new dining furniture. A design just simple and cute enough. And only $11.18 each, to boot! There was no harm in bringing them home. So I did! And they look great.

Now I just need to get myself over to the Gethsemane Garden Center in Andersonville like I've been planning and get something to top that other guy! Satisfied.

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