Monday, January 24, 2011

Grout is In!

Dave finished the grouting and he did an absolutely incredible job! Here's a close-up of his handy work:

Our kitchen is looking so new and fresh and pretty! Who could ever have known when we started with this:

(and this photo actually includes the first upgrade of a functioning faucet!)
 that we could end up with something this great in the same space?! I mean, it's purrrrty:

(pretty good before-and-after, eh? especially for two of the least handy people we know!)

It's nearly finished... so close!


Anonymous said...

Maayan I love reading blogs and I have been enjoying yours. I must say your kitchen looks incredible. Happy cooking : )

diana said...

WOW!!!!! Your kitchen is looking amazing! Congrats, guys! I haven't checked the blog in awhile... how exciting to check back and see all this insane progress! I love the tile! Looks really bright and fresh. Can't wait to see it IN PERSON! xxoo

Erin514 said...

I don't even KNOW this kitchen! Looks like I need to come visit again. WOWEEEE!!

Eric said...

Truly amazing - This Old House has nothing on you 2! What a transformation. Okay, what's the next project?