Sunday, January 23, 2011


We are deep in tile-application mode! Yesterday was prep day, with Dave priming the walls for adhesive and tile:

Then we let that dry and moved onto prepping ourselves for today's task: actually tiling the wall. Dave set the alarm for 7:15 (we had to make significant progress before the Bears game!), and I got up at 7:45 and found this going on in the kitchen:

Dave had a rhythm going, including cutting tiles himself:

But at a certain point, enough had been accomplished for me to step back in and start doing my job, which is to clean up the excess adhesive between tiles, and make sure none of it is drying onto the tile surface. This is extraordinarily tedious and tiresome, but yields exciting results!

(in the past five months, we have found a simple blade to be a super multi-purpose tool)

We are now complete with the entire wall between the furthest right edge and the edge of the cabinet above and to the left of the stove area. Next chunk to be tackled (ha!) at halftime...


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