Friday, January 21, 2011


Winter in Chicago is... well, long. and not fun. and friggin' freezing, usually. But so far this winter we've been fairly lucky, for which I am utterly grateful, even though I'm still ready for it to be over (and have been since November). We've been hearing all week about how cold it's going to be today. Last night, the top story on the news was how to keep your home warm enough to protect you, and to protect it from windows freezing to cracking, and all kinds of other nonsense. The wind chill, we were told, would be -30. And the air temperature? NEGATIVE 3! So... I woke up this morning and thought about how long I could stay in bed without making myself late for work. I lay awake deciding how to layer up. And then, when I finally got up, I took a warm shower, put on my warmest layers, ate breakfast, and then, took Lanie out for her morning walk (not a walk-walk... a do-your-business-it's-freezing-we're-going-back-in walk). We walked outside, and sure enough, it was pretty shockingly cold. However, once again, our surroundings reminded me why we are where we are.

It is so cold today, that steam is rising off the frozen lake-top! And the sun is shining (in winter, this is the sure sign of frigid temperatures), and... I dare say... it's beautiful. So check it out:

What this weather means is that we have no excuse for not finishing the backsplash (Adi, get over it) this weekend... because who is leaving the house?! We'll surely have something to report as the weekend goes by!

Happy Friday!

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