Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wall Revival... Day 3

Not only did Dave come home and make a delicious dinner tonight of homemade pizza, but he also accomplished the first sanding and second spackling of the wall. It's hard to tell from photos (since it pretty much looks exactly the same as yesterday), but it's really coming along. The wall already seems close to even, so we're hoping it's just one more sanding (after this layer of spackle dries), and on to priming and applying of tiles... very exciting.

Here's proof that while we can tell progress has been made, it looks identical to how it looked at the end of the day yesterday:
(sorry 'bout that shadow)
And since that's not so exciting, here's a shot from yesterday afternoon in which it is demonstrated that Lanie is proud of Dave's hard work:

(high five!)
Onward to Day 4! Go Dave!

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zak said...

Glad to see your home coming along and Dave playing so nicely with Lanie. You both deserve some Dim Sum.