Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Butcher Block Cart

We have spent a lot of time debating how to make use of the narrow space between the kitchen pantry and the wall where the electrical panel is. That sounds even stranger now that I've typed it for public viewing. Who worries about these things? Anyway, I digress. You may or may not have been aware that before we bought the new base cabinet that is now in place beside the oven (where the old dishwasher previously resided), we had toyed with the idea of buying (or having built) a large cart with a butcher block top. One that would provide more shelving, but would also roll out and provide more surface space for cutting, prepping, etc. But then, we bought the cabinet, and the rolling cart faded into the distance. Well, it's back! And Dave found one that fits perfectly into that little narrow space by the pantry. And it's adorable! And it's perfect! Did I mention that it is perfect? Here it is:

(in it's new nook)
(close-up, and a different angle)
(butcher block top)
We're debating whether or not to paint all but the butcher block portion white like the cabinets... not sure about that one yet... input?


D. Bob said...

Yea, I think you should paint it to match the kitchen.

Eric said...

Nea, I do not think you should paint it to match the kitchen. (So far, it's a tie!)