Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mirror Project

Months ago, our good friends E&Z came over to see our then-new place. I remember we chatted about how to try to compartmentalize all of the things we wanted to do, and how to begin thinking about the things we knew we wanted, but couldn't yet picture as we tried to prepare to make this crazy place our own. E had a great idea about reflecting the water throughout in our design... an idea that's sort of taken over as the guiding principle for much of the work we've already done. It's almost like every change we make is done with the idea behind it being a thank you to whatever stars aligned to make it so we could live here, and have the view we have, and be able to wake up and go to sleep each day by the water. So, thank you to E.

We found a huge mirror yesterday at a thrifty shop in the 'hood, which we've hung over the couch in the living room. We've been searching Craigslist, the numerous vintage/thrift/resale stores in our city, online shops, and anywhere else we could think of for just this find. Yesterday, Dave took Lanie for a long walk, and in the aforementioned neighborhood shop, he found two huge mirrors that he thought could work. We went back together later, and agreed that the bigger of the two could really look great. It's HUGE. It actually used to be a sliding mirrored door, maybe for a hotel closet if that helps you imagine it better. It's about eight feet long, and maybe three feet or a little more wide. We could only get it home by sticking it into the car through the sunroof. I sat in the back and held it, while Dave drove, at approximately 3mph with the flashers on, the five or so blocks home.

The plan is to spray paint the frame... probably black? Maybe a brushed silver? White? Thoughts? But for now, it's up on the wall, and it's amazing to see the lake from the front hall in the reflection when you walk in... and to see the blue hues in the paints we chose in the reflection from the living room.

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