Sunday, March 13, 2011


In honor of a visit this weekend from our good friends R&R from sunny Florida, we did a bunch of cleaning up to show off our Home Sweet Schwab and mostly to make room for guests! As a result, I was finally able to put up one of the sets of curtains I bought a few months ago at IKEA. I have been thinking about painting the living room a gray shade for a while, so even though we hadn't yet reached the paint purchasing or application phase, I knew I wanted a gray compliment for that room. I also knew that our curtains would probably stay open most of the time for maximum view-enjoyment. So, they needed to work as framers for the window and to help complete the room. I went for a heavier, dark charcoal-y, heavier linen material. They are simple and straight-forward, classic and lovely (in my opinion). Here's Lanie modeling the well-framed, curtained window:


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