Monday, March 28, 2011

Floors: Day 1

We said we'd have to see it to believe it, and now we have seen it, and it's true: our floors arrived! Late, to be sure, but they did, in fact, arrive. Our kindly contractor, Danny, was here to meet the uber-professional Lumber Liquidators delivery, and get things started. So at the end of Day 1, there is good news, and bad news.

The Good: wood has arrived, cork sub-floor is down in the living room, baseboards are all up, and we're ready for Day 2.

The Bad: we have no living room or dining room to speak of right now, so we are sitting on our bed while Lanie enjoys the good life at Dave's parents' house.

The Silver Lining: yummy Vietnamese for dinner.

Danny's working in sections, beginning with the living room... So here's the photo summary at the end of Day 1:

(most of the living room is in the dining room)
(the rest of the living room, some of the supplies and lumber, and Danny's tools, are in the second bedroom)
(shadowy shot, but here's the living room with the sub-floor in place and the open boxes "acclimating")
(cork close-up)
(acclimating wood close-up)
(boxes of wood flooring EVERYWHERE!)
You can be sure there's more to come of this... we have no idea how long it will all take, but this is exciting! Stay tuned.

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