Monday, March 7, 2011

Front Hallway and Signs of Life

I apologize for the delayed conclusion to our hallway painting pre-post. Between required touch-ups to the paint job (look for a future post on painter's tape) and travel (me, for work), we decided to clean up the whole job and put some stuff on the walls so that when we did get around to posting, there'd be much greater impact (I love drama!). To that end... we finished up the hallway painting with what I would say is great success. The blue was... well, very blue at first, but I still loved it. I think part of the "wow!" of it all was just how different it was from what it had been. The decision to paint the dining side of the new wall was a good one. The blue and the taupe in the kitchen complement each other really nicely, so when you're looking through the new pass-through window, it looks great! And now that we've lived with it for a bit, I think the blue really works. We have also now painted the living room (with a cool detail... more on that tomorrow), and the whole thing together looks beautiful (I/we think, at least!).

As to the "signs of life" referenced in the title of this post, we have finally, as of last night and tonight, put our first things on the wall! It started with our hooks for our keys, which I put up last night, just to have done it. And tonight, we put up two new picture shelves in the front hall, and even pulled out, dusted off, and put up some of our framed art! Not sure if this bunch of photos/art will stick, but we just wanted to see something up -- a little bit more of us in this place, finally.

And so, without further ado... I present the hallway/accent wall conclusion:

(front entrance - duh)
(hallway, up to the master suite door)
(dining side of the new wall -- now an accent wall!)
(window pass-through between the dining room and kitchen - how do the colors look together?)
(yes, we hang our keys on two dog-butts, thanks to my T! btw, they're from IKEA)
(too much? too busy? okay? whatever, for now we're just happy to have something up!)
Finally, I'll give you a little preview to tomorrow's post on the living room. The color we picked is a gray called "Little Falls." It has blue undertones and is from the same family of colors as the taupe in the kitchen and the blue in the hall. Having it up makes the blue make more sense, and helps with the flow. I mentioned above that we decided to add a detail, and I have to say, it's impressive. Go Dave! So, more on that tomorrow, but in the meantime, here's the corner where the living room meets the blue dining wall:


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