Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Floors: Day 2

There's not a lot to report on Day 2, as our contractor did not work today. After doing some research (now?) he concluded that the wood needed to sit out longer to acclimate the humidity, etc. in our home. However, most of the boxes of flooring were not opened yesterday, so why he couldn't "work" today is beyond me, because what ended up happening is that we came home (late, because we went to visit our dog and have dinner at Dave's parents') and had to open and unpack the endlessly piled-up boxes littering our home. I'm guessing you can tell by my tone how I feel about this. But it is what it is. Hopefully he'll be able to start installation tomorrow. Here's what the living room looks like thanks to our work this evening:

And here's the collateral damage:

(hard to tell, but the skin under my middle finger, where it's a bit redder, is now one gnarly splinter richer. sweet.)
It might not sound like it now, but I do feel better having typed that out, and as a famous football coach in New England has been quoted as saying, it is what it is. Tomorrow is a new day. Bring on the install!