Monday, September 27, 2010

20th Project - First Installment

I have had this idea about a "gallery" wall - to utilize some piece of wall space that doesn't naturally lend itself to logical accessorizing, due to its size or angle, in a cool way. Design*Sponge sparked this idea for me over the summer, and when we bought the condo, I thought, I'll figure out some way to make that happen. Sure enough, we have a narrow piece of wall jutting just slightly into the living/dining area. It is the outside of the closet that contains our heater. I've decided to slowly gather the pieces that might someday cover it in gallery style. Since the view is the constant reminder of the brilliance of this move, I decided I'd try to capture it in photograph, twice a day, one day each month for a year, tracking the seasons and the cycle of this first year in our first home. I chose the 20th of the month, because September 20th was our first date, and I thought it would be sweet to document that date by some other means than a Thai food dinner. So, here's what our beach looked like from our bedroom, in the morning, and at last light, on September 20, 2010:


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