Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another weekend... another success!

This week we had visits from a plumber, an electrician, Trey, and Troy (thank you so much!). Got the electrical panel replaced (per the outcome of the inspection) and got the water valves in the kitchen fixed (per last weekend's depressing discovery). This weekend's agenda involved finishing the pipe-replacement under the kitchen sink, cleaning the messy caulk residue (commence childish humor) off the bathroom floor (you know you want to... we do), and scrubbing more wallpaper glue residue off the second bathroom walls.

Here's what actually went down... Saturday:

(Dave and Troy discussing important business)
(dangerous testing--pouring 3 cups of water!)

Troy discovered we have one of the world's smallest ceiling fans:

First... this happened:

(even Lanie knew it was too nice out to scrub walls)
And the Bears were on... so no walls got scrubbed. But after the Bears game, we visited Home Depot (for a change), and then this happened:
Dave is now an expert faucet installer... and our kitchen is one step further from vintage. I did get the caulk residue off the bathroom floor, and posted our appliances for sale... we'll see what happens. Evenings this week: actually scrubbing the wallpaper glue off the bathroom wall.

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