Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's funny how now that we have this *thing* -- this home that's ours -- all of my habits are changing. Shopping has changed... weekend-planning has changed. I can see it in both of us - a new appreciation for our time and what is ours, and a pride in what we can do with and to it. As a renter, your place kind of is what it is... so you move in, and you can get right to making it yours under the given circumstances. As an owner, I feel a much bigger responsibility to the infusion of our taste and style. Decisions seem bigger, weightier, and requiring of more time and thought. We want to get it right, and we want it to truly reflect Us. Picking out two faucets has already shown us how this will all go down!

This weekend I started thinking about how I feel like so far we've been delaying the home-styling process because we don't know how the place itself will end up looking once we've done the "big" projects (kitchen, painting, lighting, etc.). But the truth is, we don't have to (nor can we afford to) do everything at once. And temporary style can help us feel more at home in our home while we figure out the rest. It can also give us an opportunity, at a lower cost, to "test" out styles and see where our new home will land.

To that end... some ideas and inspirations:

(wood curtain rods from World Market)

Product Image Fielcrest® Velvet Stripe Window Panel - GrayProduct Image Eclipse Twine Thermaback - TanProduct Image Home Window Panel - Pebble Gold 
(some curtains (above) and a chunky shag rug (below) from Target)

Product Image Home Red Chunky Shag Rug Collection
(hardware for kitchen cabinets? also World Market)

(pillow, seat cushion, and mirror from Pier One)

(artwork... found on 20X200 and Urban Outfitters)
more to come...

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