Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reflective Weekend

This weekend was a little different. The weather turned - fall has arrived. It was a holiday (Yom Kippur). And we had an impromptu visit from the one and only Lauren. So, with no major plumbing issues for a change, we took a little break from work, and did lighter stuff around the place, including taking in the Michigan-UMASS game (uh oh! conflict of interests!), enjoying a delicious breaking-the-fast meal with Dave's family, a late-night trip to Target, some good brunch in the 'hood, a little wallpaper peeling, and a stroll around the neighborhood, the first of what will be many discovery trips with a camera. Here's what came of this first discovery walk through our little corner of Edgewater:

Dave discovered this great little find last weekend, and we had dinner there one night this past week... a sweet little outdoor cafe/restaurant in Berger Park (a Chicago Park District park down the street) with a lake view! At night, the atmosphere was great... with tiki torches, picnic tables on sandy ground, stove-like space heaters, and quiet music. Apparently there's live music Friday and Saturday nights. Here's the spot in daylight:

And here are a few more shots from the park and nearby streets:
(Bureks! Competition for Mom?)
(logical pairing)
We finished off this quieter weekend with a dinner courtesy of the new grill (finally!), and some planning for next projects... stay tuned!

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