Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We posted a few items on Craigslist on Sunday, to no avail (this includes our stunning vintage double oven and stovetop, sink, and two overhead light fixtures/chandeliers). I re-posted them again last night. This morning - a bite! We have someone interested in the chandelier in the front hall, so I'm looking for a replacement light fixture, and it's tough! So many options! And each feels like a style commitment! Here are some that caught my eye from various online browsings... would love some feedback or other ideas!
(IKEA Maskros ceiling lamp - thanks, ED!)

(IKEA Lerdal ceiling lamp)

(found on Overstock -- thanks, Randi!)
(also on Overstock -- thanks, Randi again!)
(Urban Outfitters - will this fall apart?)
There are so many more I could post. This is fun and overwhelming and intimidating. Style with punch? or style with classic staying-power? Tough call... Any ideas?

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