Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting Closer to the Kitchen Renovation

If we are friends on Facebook, you might have noticed the tactic I'm using to try to get HGTV to renovate our kitchen. So far, they haven't written on my wall, so I'm not sure Genevieve Gorder has gotten my message! Alas. So we forge ahead with the "traditional" path, and this weekend, we began meeting with contractors to see what the damage will be -- both to the unit and our bank account. The last time I posted photos of the kitchen-proper without our doodles all over them, it was still almost entirely filled with still-packed boxes of stuff. So here are a few "cleaner" shots of what we're dealing with:
(dining area and kitchen wall)
(same wall, other side)
(who wants some vintage appliances?)
(doors into kitchen... these remind me of my parents' old kitchen, which had swinging saloon doors when we moved in!)
Hopefully by next weekend we'll have a progress report with news on when the changes get underway! Stay tuned...


Leslie said...

When you open your cabinet doors, do you actually use the handle that is in the middle of the door? That is some odd placement!

Maayan said...

Yeah, those are out. The strangest thing is that they don't even need pulls - they have the lip pull on the bottom of every door. I'm thinking of replacing them with some bright ceramic decorative knobs.