Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reference Repurposed - Decor

In my parents' basement is an old globe on a stand. My brother (Adi) and I loved it when we were younger. We would spin it around with a finger skimming the surface and when it stopped, whatever city or country (or ocean) it was on was our next fantasy destination, or research project. Globes are just plain cool anyway. HOWEVER... the world and borders are constantly changing, and, thus, our childhood travel guide is now sadly outdated. This summer, when Dave and I were in Amherst for our last visit, Adi came home and one night we put a serious dent in sorting and sifting through the collected toys, puzzles, costumes, etc. that piled up in the basement over the years. Some exciting rediscoveries were made, some memories were found to be tainted with broken or missing pieces, and lots of piles of garbage and donation were made. Much progress was made on clearing space and creating better organization. The globe was there, too, and it stayed. Though Adi and I insisted that the fact that it still has the USSR and other no-longer-existing nations in place makes it not such a useful reference tool, but my dad wouldn't budge. This only made us laugh at the idea of future generations of Hellers or Schwabs failing geography tests and map projects because they used the globe for context. Until today.

(from Design*Sponge)
This is so cool! If Adi and Dad agree, I'd love to call dibs on the globe and chalkboard paint it for display, tracking where those we love are in the world at any given time...

Click here for the complete post (including instructions) on Design*Sponge.


Adoodles said...

That is the coolest, and, as a bonus, awesome memory :)

Maayan said...

Thanks, brother!

Confirmed: the globe is still available, and the project has been given the requested blessings! Can't wait!

Leslie said...