Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This past weekend involved some measuring, some more wallpaper glue scrubbing, a few errands, some closet organization, but no real home makeover progress. We are finalizing details with a contractor to get started soon on the kitchen remodel, which hopefully will begin in two weeks (!), but until then, there's not too much more to do than what I listed above.

This weekend also included one more thing... a double rainbow Lanie and I were lucky to spy over the lake from behind our building:

(first we noticed just the one...)

(so fun!)

(it was really bright and vivid! -- that was for you, E.Robs and Dori)

(and then we noticed there were two! you can just barely see the second just to the left of the fence on the right of the photo)
Within a few days we should have some news to post regarding the kitchen renovation! Woohoo! (there's still time if HGTV wants to call and let us know they're on their way!)


Me said...

THANK YOU! They are beautiful!

Adoodles said...