Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stone City

Yesterday we went to Stone City, a showroom and warehouse of marble and granite. Counter tops. Yes, the kitchen project is on the verge of being *actually* underway! The quotes we got for counters, though, we are a bit high, so we decided to investigate whether we could go through a wholesaler ourselves and save a little bit on the project. This place is fascinating - and beautiful! Because our kitchen is still going to be a smaller space, and because we are, at least temporarily, keeping the unusual and surprisingly (for the former owner!) kind of lovely tile back-splash in there, we needed something light, bright, and neutral to balance out the splatter of color in the tiles, and to open up the space. For now, we've landed on Crystal White:

I like how subtle the veins in it are, and how bright this will make the space. We were planning on painting the existing cabinets a white or cream color, to help modernize their look -- will this be too white?! There will also be paint on the walls -- pulling out one of the colors in the tile -- but will that be enough of a pop? We're rethinking...

The lighting in the kitchen is not the greatest, but I tried to get some decent shots of the tile so you can see... there are some interesting colors in there to pull from (slate blue, gray, yellow, mushroom, reddish-brown...):
(kind of interesting, right?)

(that shadow on the right is me... sorry!)


Amy said...

woohoo for getting underway! I highly recommend going through a wholesaler for countertops - that is what we did and it was great. Love the crystal white - I think it will look great with that backsplash!

Adoodles said...

took me a minute to get behind it, but i'm feelin the backsplash. also, i'm liking the word "backsplash" a little too much.