Monday, October 25, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Day 1

Day 1 down! Anxiety... up!

We came home late this evening (no kitchen = dinner at the in-laws) to NO WALL!

The whole cabinet unit that used to hold the double oven is also gone:

(now space can double as a storage corner)
The cabinet above the refrigerator is gone:

(quarantined pantry area)
And structures containing electrical and old telephone wiring are just hanging out:

(artsy floor angle)

Lanie just doesn't know what to make of all of this...

(also, she has developed crazy eyes!)
The space looks so much bigger, which is cool. But I think we are a little caught off-guard by how scary empty space can be. Contractor returns tomorrow... hopefully we'll come home to some sort of wall/window pass-through, which will obviously assuage much anxiety and fill in some question mark bubbles that are currently hovering gently over our heads. No bare feet in this house for a while, though you'll note how neat and tidy he left everything! Impressive...


Me said...

Cleaning before leaving even when they are coming back the next day is the sign of a GREAT contractor. Looking good, don't be scured!!! :)

Amy said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting! Can't wait to see the developments!

Emily Donelan said...


Eric said...

Very, very exciting! Can't wait to see the results next month!