Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Days 5 & 6

Yesterday (Friday), dramatic progress was made in our little kitchen... but I couldn't post about it until now... my apologies for the delay (mostly to my parents). That said, it's getting exciting! The wall went up, and it's looking beautiful. Enjoy:

(looking through the new window into the kitchen)
(looking out of the kitchen through the new, wider doorway)

That's what it looked like last night... this morning, while I was busy having my eyes lasered, Danny put some more "mud" on the dry wall, smoothing things out even more. It looks great! He'll be back Monday and Tuesday, and that's it. This weekend, our plan is to remove the cabinet doors (in preparation for painting, which likely won't take place this weekend, after all), and to potentially order appliances tomorrow. Woohoo! We feel fairly confident that this first major stage in our home upgrade (Stage 2 involves the floors, which will be the next big project after we recover a bit from this one) will be done within the next two weeks. Fun!

Happy Halloween!