Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Day 4 (Slow and Steady)

After a disappointing discovery of no progress yesterday, the truth is ANY progress would have made us happy tonight. And that's kind of what we got - and we're satisfied. After all, slow and steady wins the race, right? Anyway, while it may not seem like a big difference, actually some significant changes took place in the kitchen today. The electrician came, and reconfigured the wiring so they could finish framing out the lip-drop from the ceiling. Danny framed out the new soffit to finish the wall off from above the cabinets to the new wall in a seamless transition. He also prepared the cabinet with no side to it (used to be "sided" by the cabinet that held the double oven) to be finished with a new side (well that was cumbersome wording!). Finally, he reinforced the frame in key areas to support both the drywall that should go up in the next day or two, and the granite counter top, when it is installed. Here are some photos:

(you can see at the top there that the electrical has been rerouted and is now "hidden"; and that the lip has been built to the same height as the rest of the drop-down from the ceiling.)
(new soffit will transition smoothly from the old wall (to the right) and the new wall (perpendicular and to the left))
(cabinet will clearly have a new wall... you can tell by the new wood!)
(reinforced to support future counter tops)

(electrical has been moved into the column, and reinforced to the side of said column)
(reinforcements to new wall extension to the side of the new window)
So while it may not look like much of a dramatic change, the difference is clear to us: progress has again been made, and we're just one day closer to our beautiful new kitchen! Exciting.