Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cabinet Painting, Anyone?

Saturday morning I'm having my Lasik surgery "tuned up"... having gone through this surgery once before, I know that I'll likely just want to close my eyes and sleep for a few hours after, but when I wake up and can see perfectly again, I will want to do stuff that requires use of my sharpened vision immediately (though, due to likely bloodshot eyes, not publicly)!

Since I have no kitchen progress on which to report, I have decided to research my cabinet painting plans and get myself organized to hopefully get started on that in the next few days.
(not my hairy arms... or Dave's...)

eHow has a very simple step-by-step that basically confirmed what I thought already. I need to get myself (before Lasik) to a hardware/paint store and purchase:

  1. fine and medium grain sandpaper
  2. wood primer
  3. disposable foam brushes
  4. small paint roller or brushes (I can probably do this with brushes only... right?)
  5. paint!
After sanding (ew, I do not enjoy sanding), I'll have to prime the cabinets. Home Depot had some good information, and I think this primer should do the trick. Maybe I'll prime Saturday night and paint Sunday?

Okay... so paint color. As I said, I'm leaning toward white-white. There are clearly lots of paint options, so I'll consult with the pros at whichever store I visit to find the right interior wood paint in a pretty bright, clean, crisp white. Gloss vs. flat? I don't even know which I should want! Probably not gloss... right?

Now that I'm thinking about this actively though, I'm worried that I need the junkyard in the second bedroom cleared out before I start -- as that might be the only logical place to do the painting and be able to keep Lanie and her fur out of the way. Whether this happens this weekend or next, I'm excited to get started. Anyone who wants to participate/help is invited... I'll provide treats as payment.

I'll obviously also need white painter's overalls and a bandanna.


Amy said...

ok giving you the been there done that advice to painting your cabinets white white:
1) you may want to invest in an orbital sander rather than sand paper. sanding cabinets is a PAIN. i was very glad we had an orbital sander.

2) you will want the small foam roller to paint - those virtually leave no paint lines where as it is much harder to get an even coat of paint with brush alone - particularly on the cabinet doors and any flat parts of drawers.

3)when you go to buy the paint, there is a paint finish especially for kitchens - this is what you want. it is a bit glossy but this is so that it is easily cleanable - which you will want with white cabinets b/c dirt shows very easily.

have fun!! and yes, you will want something to protect your hair b/c you will have to contort your body into some weird shapes to get at all the nooks and crannies of the cabinets!

just one of my numerous posts about painting cabinets:

Maayan said...

YOU RULE, AMY! Just what I needed!