Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Things I Want to Make Myself

Browsing around various and sundry home/design/style/accessory/fashion sites, I'm finding myself really inspired today to do some crafty stuff for our Home Sweet Schwab. I have some crafty friends, and I'm hoping they're also feeling a need to craft so we can do it together. ED has already gotten on board (excited). Here are some of the ideas that have enlivened my creative imagination today:

(from EmersonMade)
(found on Etsy)
(Lot61, via Design Crush... While I can't make this, it is beautiful, and reminds me of the talented Zak Rose -- check him out)
That's enough for now...

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Emily Donelan said...

ERK has a EAT light in her kitchen now - maybe she'll post a pic