Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Requesting Design Input for the Revamped Kitchen

Now that the kitchen is slowly but surely coming into shape, I'm finding that I have a revved up need to figure out what it will all look like after the construction is all said and done. The contractor is doing the wall/window, and removing and residing some cabinets; we'll have the appliances delivered and installed; and Stone City is installing the new counter tops and sink. That leaves us with the tasks of painting and accenting. So, I'm soliciting input on colors, etc.

With regard to paint, I'm thinking we should pull from the flecks of color in the back splash tiles. Maybe a mushroom-y brown? Maybe a toned down terra cotta reddish? Maybe a slate blue? Less enthused about the slate blue idea.

I'm planning to paint the cabinets white-white, and then replace the old hardware with something fresh... a "pop" of some sort. Here are a couple I like:
(World Market: also in dark blue, ivory, dark green)
(World Market: also in ivory, dark green)



So many choices! Any thoughts? Any other ideas? Any and all suggestions and comments are welcomed! Please chime in!

And then we have to replace that tiny ceiling fan/light...


Amy said...

my two cents: i like the mushroom-y brown (i think) with either the mustard yellow hardware (world market) or the plum/gold (anthropologie). From the pictures it looks like the tile has some gold/mustard in it so that's why I went that way with the cabinetry.

This is the most fun part!

Maayan said...

Thanks, Amy!

Yeah, I love those mustard yellow knobs... this is, in fact, the second appearance they've made on this blog... and you're right, there is definitely some gold/mustard in the tile, so I think pulling from that for accents in the rest of the kitchen is the way to go. But then... contrast? The dark/gold Anthro ones could do that. So could the burgundy World Market ones... why can't I make a decision! :)