Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Day 1-Eve

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Change! Our contractor, Danny, will arrive at 8:30 in the morning... I'll be long gone by the time he shows up, and by the time I get home, everything will look completely different! To help speed up the process and save some funds, we elected to do some of the first steps ourselves. This involved a) cleaning the counter (for removal) and emptying all the to-be-removed cabinets; b) uninstalling and removing all appliances besides refrigerator; and c) removing the existing counter tops. I took care of "a" first thing this morning. We were joined by our good friends, Em, Z, Robyn and Dori for parts "b" and "c" in the latter half of the day. The gentlemen took care of the actual labor... while we ladies photographed the process and design-planned the front hall, bathrooms, and living room. When all was said and done, the kitchen transformed from a functional but out-of-date room, to a shell, which is not as terrifying as I expected it would be. In fact, the shell only makes me giddy with thrill and anticipation... REAL CHANGE IS TRULY UPON US!
Step 1: Remove double oven from wall unit (a 3-man job!)

Step 2: Disassemble plumbing; get sprayed with copper-infused pipe water; remove stovetop, counters and oven hood and move on... 

Once an office/guest room... now a junk yard:


Voila! A shell of a kitchen!
Shell of a kitchen = Promise

collateral damage... we can fix this!
Thanks, friends. We really couldn't do this without you.