Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Day 2

Much better feeling upon arrival home this evening! We now can see the outline of what our kitchen will eventually look like! Danny put the frame up for the wall/window/breakfast bar/pass-through/portal and the new ceiling "lip" (essentially the top of the wall that serves as the frame for the wider opening where we used to have a door, and the top edge of the window/pass-through (etc.) area), which will run flush with the soffit that comes down from the ceiling in the rest of the room to meet the top of the cabinets. While it doesn't yet look like much, it does look like something! And I believe that unlike last night, tonight I will sleep peacefully (except for those dang 50mph wind gusts! oh, Chicago!). Anyway, check it out:

(you can see the old soffit extended out further-to where the double-oven cabinet reached- now it will be flush with what's there and the top of the window area on the new wall space facing the dining/living areas)
(window/pass-through/possible breakfast bar/portal to another dimension)

I imagine that tomorrow we'll come home to even more dramatic progress. And hopefully that last remaining cabinet will be gone so we can get the final measurements we need to place the appliance order. In not too long we'll have not only a wall/window (etc.), but also a shiny new oven, dish washer, microwave, and refrigerator! And then shelves! And then painting! And then new hardware! And maybe even a normal sized ceiling fan! Okay, maybe I shouldn't get ahead of myself, but this outline looks pretty darn good, and I'm just going with it!

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