Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Meal Cooked in the New Home!

Last night we both lamented the fact that our kitchen is a mess, and we've been so caught up with projects and regular life, that we've been ordering in, or picking up, or scrubbing left-overs off of others. Cold, late pizza was the last straw. I was determined to make dinner at home tonight, so I did a little research, and since we've sort of avoided using our vintage appliances (admittedly, I mostly fear the electric bill, as these are quite the opposite of energy-efficient), I found, courtesy of my very favorite sexy French chef, Eric Ripert, a full dinner designed to be prepared in the toaster oven.
(this toaster oven was a wedding gift... but it was only taken out of its packaging two weeks ago due to lack of space in our old place!)
I made spiced chicken tenders, served with broiled zucchini with parmesan, a side arugula salad, and crusty bread a la Trader Joe's. Here's where I found the recipes. Take a gander:
(I couldn't locate our paprika, so I substituted cumin - delicious!)
(also couldn't find our white pepper - which I do have - so I used regular cracked black pepper)
(simple salad: arugula & field greens; pine nuts; olive oil, balsamic (this was blood orange-infused balsamic!); salt and pepper)
The meal was a) delicious; b) quick!; and c) all it took to make us feel a little more at home.

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