Monday, November 8, 2010

Appliance Update

WE HAVE AN OVEN! IT WORKS! DAVE'S A HANDY MAN! While I was out celebrating the Maceys' baby-to-be last evening, Dave went to work resolving the electric issues I mentioned Saturday. I was almost to Glencoe for the shower, when my phone buzzed with the following text:

"I did it!"

Success! We now have a functioning oven and refrigerator -- the dishwasher is beyond our control, as we'll need a sink with plumbing to drain to before that can be hooked up. But it's feeling more like a kitchen!
(see! it's on!)
Note, I did want to take a victory photo of Dave beside his handy work, but he's not a fan of being photographed, so I'll have to plan a sneak-attack in the future. Victory photo or not, I'm thoroughly impressed with and proud of my husband and his skills!

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