Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cabinet Painting

Alright, people! We are painting cabinets over here! We decided that this would be our long-weekend project, so yesterday we got started right away! I'm pleased to report that we're successfully one coat in on all the doors, and preparing to get the second coat on today, as well as hitting up the cabinets themselves in the kitchen with a first coat. So far, this project is neither as tedious or annoying as I expected, though I can't speak for Dave, and, like I said, we've only done the doors so far.

We started by taking down all the doors off the cabinets, and laying them flat on a tarp in the second bedroom:

Then we had to sand them down. Joe at Thybony Paint instructed me (thanks, Joe!) that we didn't need to sand them down completely -- just scuff them to break up the varnish to allow the wood to absorb the paint. This was a task:

Once they were sanded we could get to work. So we turned on KCRW (thanks, Internet!) and got to it. Dave rolled, and I followed with a brush to do the details and finish edges. We are using an oil-based paint, and I was assured by both Joe and the Internet that we didn't need to prime. Our color is Simply White, and it will have a eggshell, semi-gloss finish.

Here's the first coat:

More later...

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Danielle said...

Those look great! I'm a HUGE fan of white cabinets.

We refinished a couple pieces that were a very similar tone. You can check it out in my "DIY" album on FB.

Crisp white paint makes EVERYTHING better.