Thursday, November 18, 2010


Early this afternoon I was sitting in my office and my phone buzzed indicating a text message. I looked down and it was a "multimedia" message... I opened my phone, and it was a "multimedia" message from Dave... I downloaded the message, and found myself weeping. Tears of joy, people! WE HAVE COUNTER TOPS! AND A SINK! (so, the sink's not hooked up to any plumbing yet, but who cares?! It looks like a kitchen again!) Check it out:

(I'm pretty sure tears were warranted)
(look at that gorgeous, shiny, stunner of a new sink! who knew a sink could bring such joy?)
(more pretty!)
(I was fully expecting the counters to clash intolerably with the back splash, but it's not SO bad, right?)

(looking into the Beauty through the new beautiful window. THAT'S a view!)
Clearly, months without a normal kitchen have left me slightly off-balance, but still, come on! That's pretty great, right?! And the timing could not be better... my parents and brother arrive tomorrow for a fun-filled pre-Thanksgiving visit. Can't wait!

What's the sound you hear? Relief? It just might be. Hooray!


Amy said...

LOVE IT!!! It looks FAB!

Nicole said...

You guys are amazing!!! This project is incredible and I LOVE your sink (and everything else!) Happy Thanksgiving!!

Emily Donelan said...

yay for sinks!!!!

Adoodles said...

Love it!

Stephanie said...

Great job Schwabs!! it's looking fabulous!!