Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stone City Part 2

Earlier today we went to Stone City again, presumably to select our slab-o-Crystal White for the counters, and a sink. Once we got there, and went back down into the warehouse, our sales associate figured out that the Crystal White we had selected was not granite, but marble, not an ideal choice for kitchen surfaces that would get a lot of action. It's softer, wears more quickly, is more porous, and is basically a lot more high maintenance. Not good for us. Dangit. No worries, though, we just went around again and found something else that we like a lot, and that *actually* is granite (you'd think they would have noticed this sooner. Whatever.). We are now going with Dawa Yellow:
I think this also means we'll change the backsplash sooner than expected, but that's okay. On the other hand, though, I don't think it will affect color choices for the kitchen.

Yesterday I got some Benjamin Moore Simply White oil-based paint for wood cabinets. It's a warm white, not bright, with good blueish undertones and a satiny finish. For the walls, we're choosing from a mushroom-y pallate. Here's a paint choice strip I brought home to look at:
(a little blurry, but you can get the gist... we're thinking about the middle three visible choices)
So, I think those will still work nicely with the new granite, which should be installed by or around the time my parents and brother come to visit in a little less than two weeks! Good timing.

We did also choose our sink... but that was much easier! A single bowl, very large, very square... pretty straight forward.

At that paint store yesterday, I also pulled some strips with color choices for the front hall. More on that later.

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