Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Appliances... But Wait!

Our new appliances arrived today! Hooray, you say? Yes, hooray, but a modified hooray. Turns out in a kitchen as old as ours was, it's not just the appliances, counter surfaces, flooring, cabinet hardware, ceiling fan, and shelving that's out-dated. Apparently, our hook-ups are also circa 1962, which means that we have a functioning refrigerator, but our oven and dishwasher are basically just a pretty face for now. We will need to have an electrician come back out to install the required panel we need for the oven, and we can't do the dishwasher until the counters and sink are in place, because there's no plumbing to hook into right now. Duh.

All that said, they are still awful purrty!

So while it appears we still won't have a fully operational kitchen until around the end of the month, our disappointment is only slight. This is still pretty exciting.

I also went to Thybony Paint today, and with the help of our friend, Suzette, and the extraordinarily helpful Joe at Thybony, I am all supplied up to get those cabinets refreshed. More on that tomorrow and next week...