Friday, November 5, 2010


So, first of all, Happy Birthdays are due to our dear friend Troy (Dave's best man), and another dear friend, EP. Love you both lots and wish you another year filled with happiness and laughs and good friendship and everything good.

I had been planning to go to the paint store last night after work, but between bad weather, traffic, and needing to return the too-small rug, there was no way to get there before it closed. That will happen this weekend. Hopefully to take care of all of our various kitchen-painting needs (more posting to follow, obviously). That's why I haven't updated in a couple days. Tomorrow our appliances arrive, so I'll have that to report on this weekend as well.

That said, I just had the sweetest little reminder of what this is all about, and I just have to share it. Design*Sponge posted the loveliest video for its weekly wrap-up. It's a sharing of a video made by a couple that eloped when they realized their wedding was getting out of hand and out of their control, a sentiment I know we felt at many points in our planning process, and which I know others have experienced as well. It does sort of all get away from you at points, and while we pushed through it, and had an extraordinary day (if I do say so myself), this video, and summary, nudged me gently and reminded me that what all of this is about, this Home Sweet Schwab and all its associated adventures, is love. And family. And home. And love = family = home.

Take a look here.

And here's a little memory to go with this reminder...

(27.June.2009; Ph: Danielle Aquiline Photography)

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