Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Family Visit and a Working Sink

This is just the first of a few posts for this weekend, which was a special one for a few reasons. 1) my parents and brother arrived Friday; 2) Saturday Dave (with help from his father in-law) successfully (eventually) hooked the plumbing back up and got the sink working (!), and he finished the second coat of sealant on the counters so we could start using them; and 3) this morning Dave's parents joined us for brunch - an even more exciting event with the new kitchen! Whee! Plus, yesterday was the 20th, so I'll have my 20th Project photos to post, as well.

So, this one will be about the sink, I guess. Although I should first point out just how SUPER excited Lanie was to see her adoring Heller family:

(everyone's enjoying this good back-of-the-neck scratch!)

Having installed this faucet once before, as well as the one in our bathroom two months ago, Dave was ready to go getting us all set to use the new sink yesterday. Unfortunately, there were some leakage hiccups, but ultimately, his plumbing skills got everything in order and we're golden:

It's quite an undertaking:

(it's a dirty job...)
(but easier when completed as a two-man job)
(Dave has definitely grown accustomed to climbing into this little cubbie-hole)
(but didn't anticipate the size of the sink making things even tighter under there)

(and we're in business!)
Our beautiful new sink is now successfully working, and also successfully NOT leaking! Dave's the best.

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