Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Phase 1 Complete

The first part of our kitchen renovation is complete! Finished! Done! Tonight we came home to no signs of a contractor. The kitchen is empty of demolition/construction materials, and we can now really see a clean, quiet picture of what was accomplished in the last week. The new wall and window look great - we love the outcome. The transition from old to new is smooth and seamless. Danny even used part of one of the removed cabinets to finish off the open side of the last cabinet under where the sink goes (this "side" used to be provided by the cabinet that held the double oven - now gone). Saturday our appliances arrive; Saturday afternoon we return to Stone City to pick out our slab o' granite and sink; Tuesday the Stone City folks come over to measure for the counters; and about a week after that, the counters are in. Between now and then, hopefully, we can do some of the cosmetic elements (painting, shelving, finding our butcher block cart, etc.), but what we have to remember is that it doesn't all have to happen in an instant. I'm just excited to be able to bake for Thanksgiving! Here's what we came home to this evening:

(that empty space will soon be home to a new oven (right) and dishwasher (left))
(you almost wouldn't know that side wasn't always there... that it's a band-aid, so to speak)

Getting really excited for Phase 2! Who wants dinner?


Erin514 said...

Good for you guys! It looks great! Find any takers for your "vintage" appliances?

Emily Donelan said...


Maayan said...

thanks friends! EH -- the haul-away service provided by our appliance place are the only takers for our appliances. sad. i wish i knew how to find folks who want an authentic vintage kitchen. alas.