Monday, November 1, 2010

New Idea re: Cabinets

Once again seeking design input... ED gave me an idea about the cabinets that I've been swirling around in my head for a week now. You know that our existing cabinets look like this:
(short ones)

(tall ones)
You also know that my plan is to paint them white (or white-ish); and further, that I want to replace those old pulls with cute new knobs. In the new plan, I would not add knobs to the cabinets, as they have, in addition to these stunning decorative pulls, the former proprietor of our lovely chateau also selected cabinets with carved out ledge pulls (I don't know if there's a real name for this feature, so don't judge me, you handier folks)... see:

(what would you call those?)
Instead, I am now thinking of simply applying wood filler to the holes left by the beautiful existing pulls, sanding over it, and painting the cabinet faces entirely, without any additional hardware. I will still buy the knobs, likely the yellow ones, as they're still the front-runners in my mind, and simply apply them only to the drawers for a pop:

What do you think, friends and family?


Adoodles said...

am i missing something... how would you open the cabinets if you fill in the pulls and don't add knobs?

Emily Donelan said...

i am for no knobs! a knobless kitchen!

Diana Moutsopoulos said...

i really REALLY like the no knobs idea!!!!!! down with knobs!